keskiviikko 26. huhtikuuta 2017

How to make surprise birthday party for mom ❤️

Today I had a free day from school and today is my moms birthday 😍

We decided to make surprise for our mom even when she told us that she doesn't want a party (me, my sister and two brothers with family)

So my sister took mom to her place (because my mom lives in my place at the moment) and because my mom thought Im at school so she didnt except to have party 😎


My morning started with a normal and healthy breakfast 😉 But then... 😅 I started to cook 🙈💩


I made chocolate cake because its easy and fast, I didnt have much time to think and cook. 👀


This is my 
favorite part and most tasty thing on the world 😁🤓 Really!!! There was not even one peace left after party, NEVER, no metter how much I make!


And I decided to make some coktails this time, beautiful and tasty 🍹🍓


Because its late and I feel tired after long day in kitchen and party, I dont write recipe of all this stuff but You can ask me on Instagram by sending message and I will do it 🤗

Dont be afraid to try new things and never give up!!!



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